Nataliia Gridneva – pianoforte (Kiev, Ucraine)


    Nataliia Gridneva – pianist (Kiev, Ucraine)

    Professor at the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine (Kyiv)

    Jury member of the different competitions

    Master-classes in Ukraine and abroad

    Diploma “Best Teacher” on the II London International Internet Music Competition (12/2015).


Nataliia Gridneva currently holds position of Professor at the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine (Kyiv); her teaching experience started in 1972 when she became a teacher at Kyiv Specialized Secondary Music boarding school named after M.V.Lysenko (Ukraine).

After graduation with honor in four specialties (concert performer, chamber ensemble soloist, accompanist, teacher) from Kiev Conservatory (now Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine), she continued as a postgraduate student at the same institution (supervisor Prof. V.M.Vorobiov) which she completed in 1977 and received qualification of “university lecturer”.

        In the course of long-term work with talented children, she developed their professional skills to the level which allowed them to become known as outstanding world-class piano performers. Many students of Gridneva now are multiple laureates of international competitions.

There are: Oleg Poliansky (currently holds position in Cologne, Germany), Alexei Grynyuk (London, UK), Mikhail Dantshenko (Hannover, Germany), Oleksiy Stukalenko (Zurich, Switzerland), Sasha Grynyuk (London, UK), Aliya Akbergenova (Gratz, Austria), Andrey Yaroshinskiy (Madrid, Spain), Vadym Kholodenko (Fort Worth, Texas, USA), Andriy Luniov (Kiev, Ukraine) and many others among her students. Olekxey Kanke is the first prize winner at the international competition named of E.Gilels in Odessa (Ukraine) 1915.

         Achievements of Nataliia Gridneva have been acknowledged by numerous diplomas and awards. In 1998 she was awarded by the title of “Honoured Worker of Culture of Ukraine”. In 2000 she has been invited over to the Department of Special Piano at the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine.

Highschool graduates of Prof. Gridneva’s class successfully work both in Ukraine and abroad, as piano teachers, accompanists, and soloists, keeping and leveraging traditions of Ukrainian piano school.

Apart from academic activities, Prof. Gridneva published several scientific papers on teaching methodology. In 2012 she wrote a book “Want to play piano” by state order which was published in Kiev.

Currently she continues to combine work at school and academy, participates in many competitions as a jury member, and carries out master-classes in Ukraine and abroad.