Nadezhda Filippova – saxophone (Moscow, Russia)


    Nadezhda Filippova – – saxophone (Moscow, Russia)

    Professor at the Music School named after Muradeli, Moscow,

    Prizewinner of national and international competitions,

    Honorable Diploma “Best Teacher” from the London International Internet Music Competition (12/2015)

Graduated from the Music Institute named after  Ippolitova-Ivanov (class of Honored Artist of Russia Alexei Volkov).

She is the organizer of the educational project "L'école des meilleurs professeurs", with the participation of the leading saxophonists of the world, such as David Vincent, Erwan Fagant, Jean-Pierre Baragliolli, Marie-Bernadette Charrier and Julien Petit. The project took place in Bordeaux, Normandy and Russia.

She is Laureate and winner of national and international competitions.

Many of her students  are winners of National and International music competitions  and chose the saxophone as their profession entering different high music institutes of  Moscow.