“Melos APS”

Non-Profit Association of Culture and Social Development


Constituted on 02.09.2013 according to the Art. 383 on 07/12/2000 of the Italian Civil Code, 

Registered on the  address: Dorassina 16, Sesto al Reghena, 33079, PN, Italy 

Social Number 91086600938

Registed in the list of the associations of social development of the unique national register of the third sector (RUNTS)

Field of activity – Culture and Education

The main aim is the development of international musical culture and of the exchange of experiences between young musicians and teachers of  different countries and cultures, of finding and encouraging talented young people


– Organization of international cultural events:

Concerts, festivals, competitions (traditional and on line by videorecordings)

– Cooperation with international associations and individual groups in organizing their cultural events in Italy


All activities are aimed at the members of the Association “Melos APS”

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Rights and duties of members, how to become a member

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